About us

Based in Paris, we are a leading team of professionals specializing in luxury brands resale. Our marketplace is the first destination for luxury shopping addict. We are specialist in Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton collectible products all throughout the world for many years now.

Since many years, the sale of preowned Luxury articles has seen an important development in recent years. Unfortunately, we have not only seen the development of this phenomenon but also the emergence of counterfeit productions, thus creating a detrimental parallel network within the collectible market.

Therefore we decided to fight this problem by restaining counterfeit practices and protect customers from being cheated or put in danger by fraudulent products, and also to encourage the development of e-commerce while discouraging the sale of counterfeit articles. We have developed a network of Hermès buyers and sellers based on a foundation of confidence and expertise in the field.

We are honored that our company was the first French company to be present on the 3 greatest reputable international luxury resale marketplace which are 1STDIBS, Malleries and Portero. Access to these platforms is regulated and subject to strict control for several months (6 to 12 months) and is authorized only for professional merchant who can prove high experience and confirmed high expertise skills.

Commission on Sale

In the luxury preowned market, the lot of companies are organized in the form of consignement marketplace. The main problem is these consignment shop only offer a expensive fees and commission on sale.

MODE IN LUXE has the particularity to be one of the rare companies in this market, in France as International, to own more than 90 % of the offering products. Indeed, following the example of this consignment stores who is intermediate between the buyers and the sellers, we buy cash the majority of the items we sell. We prefer to own rather to take on consignment. The seller is paid immediately.
We are and remain owner of the majority offering products. We select strictly all the articles for their condition, their rarity or their originality and we garantee the authenticity of all of them. We favor the quality and the exceptional as collectible piece.

Our Promise

By virtue of the LAW 2007-1544 of October 29th, 2007 of fight against the counterfeits,  MODE IN LUXE guarantee the authenticity of every article sent to the buyer. 
We insist that every article we buy or resell is systematically checked and authenticated to avoid mistake. For each authentication, we are able to provide an opinion regarding the quality of the product, this with a 100% guarantee. Our location in Paris is a big advantage as we are surrounded by some of the best experts in the field right here in our city. Thankfully, there are still ways in which we can detect even the most well-made counterfeit products. Numerous clients (buyers and re-sellers) have contacted us regarding authentication methods, and we have thus decided to take active action against counterfeit products.