Dépôt en ligne

In the luxury preowned market, a lot of online luxury resale platform are organized in the form of consignement marketplace. The main problem is these consignment shop is they only offer a expensive fees and commission on sale. 

MODE IN LUXE has the particularity to be one of the rare companies in this market, in France as International, to own in stock the offering products. Indeed, following the example of this consignment stores who is intermediate between the buyers and the sellers, we buy cash the majority of the items we sell. We prefer to own rather to take on consignment. The seller is paid immediately. 

We are and remain owner of the majority offering products. We select strictly all the articles for their condition, their rarity or their originality and we garantee the authenticity of all of them. We favor the quality and the exceptional as collectible piece.

You can suggest us yours items and we could buy or sell them for you.
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